Clients Comments

My eight month old daughter has been brilliant since the kinesiology allergy testing and changing her food. She is drinking a lot more now and eating bigger meals. I’m delighted with the outcome. She is so quiet now you wouldn’t even know she was in the house. Thanks a million for your help.

Charlene, Westmeath

I had been experiencing health problems for 18 months. I was not functioning to my full capacity due to lack of energy and poor concentration. I was isolating myself more and my low mood meant I did not want to get involved with social events. I had to stop my hobby of hill walking due to lack of energy.
After three sessions with Frances each four weeks apart I noticed a change in my condition. Sessions after that were 6 weeks apart. I feel great now. My energy and vitality are restored. My concentration is back. I’m back hill walking. Over time the treatment gradually improved how I felt both physically and emotionally. My mood improved and I was nicer to be around . I am more positive and optimistic.
The treatment is not cheap but It is cost effective and value for money in terms of getting better and achieving an improvement in my physical and emotional health on which there is no price.
Frances is genuinely interested in all her clients and I felt I was in a safe pair of hands even though I was unsure of the treatment initially. She is very knowledgeable and caring.
I would definitely recommend Frances to family, friends and associates, anyone who is looking for a solution to their health problems like I was.

Josephine, Offaly

“Frances helped me with my ongoing battle with vertigo, After a few sessions of kinesiology I felt refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed . She is a joy to go to and I was very happy with the results. My vertigo has now gone.”

Roisín, Offaly

“My biggest kinesiology miracle to date has do to with my throat and chest infections, something which I’ve suffered from since I was a child.
I remember Frances told me that my lungs where harbouring a bacteria that they should have recognised as negative but didn’t, hence the recurring infections. We did some kind of a tapping process and now I haven’t suffered from a throat or chest infection or cough in over 2 years.
Also I was going through a period of suffering from anxiety possibly brought on by traumas which I suffered while travelling. I can’t remember the treatment but I definitely feel a lot less anxious and stressed now and haven’t suffered any panic attacks since then.
I always leave after a session feeling much more relaxed and positive.
Thanks Frances! I have to admit I was more than a bit sceptical of kinesiology at first. But having seen the results I’d happily recommend it to anyone, and frequently do.”

Nessa, Madrid, Spain

I just want to say a massive thank you for helping me find out why I was in such pain for 3 years with what I thought was a ‘cyst’. I gave up dairy and cheese and that was hard. I feel fantastic now.
Best thing I ever did coming to you, so thank you Frances.

Olivia , Westmeath

I have been going to Frances for almost a year now. When I first arrived I was suffering from chronic fatigue, a lack of focus, recurring health problems such as chest infections and a general confusion on my path. I was working very hard at the time but I still couldn’t see the road ahead of me. My shoulder was to the wheel but I couldn’t see past the car or who was driving.
Since then I have made a number of very crucial and tough decisions regarding finances, my career, my health and the people I work with. I can honestly say that Kinesiology and working with Frances has played a huge part in that. I am physically and spiritually stronger than I’ve been in years and I intend to continue with this practice for years to come. I would strongly recommend Frances to anyone.

Will, Dublin

“Having had trouble with swollen ankles I visited Frances for Kinesiology treatment. After two visits I noticed the swelling much reduced and felt it was well worth going.”

Val, Offaly

“I had a very positive first experience in my kinesiology session with Frances.
With her I discussed physical and emotional issues; Breathing – difficulty taking breaths, Circulation – constantly waking up in the night with dead arms and, Emotional – how I was feeling.
The thing that had the biggest impact on me immediately was how the session had helped me heal emotionally and helped me get over some emotional scars left from my past. I never expected this to be the outcome but literally the next day I felt stronger, happier, more level headed and for lack of a better word – healed.
I felt more love, forgiveness and compassion in areas of my life where I hadn’t had those feelings before. It made me feel like I was ok again.
“In the weeks that followed I did notice an improvement with my circulation and breathing. Frances is so easy to talk to and I am really looking forward to my next session . I would recommend it to anyone. You just don’t know what you are going to get out of it before you go. You have to go and see for yourself.”

Caroline, Dublin