My Story

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After 3 years of unrelenting sinus infections and with my immune system and energy levels on the floor I had literally lost the will to live. I had taken several courses of antibiotics and also had sinus surgery as a last resort. I took every nutritional supplement I could find to try and boost my immune system and improve my energy levels . Nothing seemed to work for me.

My digestive system was also having a hard time coping with most foods. No matter what I ate , healthy or not I suffered cramps, bloating, heartburn, all classic symptoms of Irritable bowel syndrome.

In the morning I had great difficulty getting out of bed due to the aches and pains I woke up with. My body felt heavy all the time. My head was full of brain fog. I lacked focus and concentration. Everything required huge effort.

After finally having surgery on my sinuses I hoped my health problems would now be over. To my disappointment I suffered yet another chronic sinus infection. I couldn’t believe I was back to square the end of my rope…. I was losing all hope of ever finding a cure.

The following week I attended a family gathering wearing sunglasses to disguise an eye infection and layers of make up to hide cellulitis on my face . The sinus infection was raging on despite the antibiotics I was taking .My sister expressed concern as to the fact that I was so low and she exclaimed ‘ So Frances are you going to die on us or what?’ I replied. ‘ So what am I supposed to do? Is it all in my imagination , this mystery disease. My doctors and consultants have told me that they can’t do any more for me’

My sister had told me about a lady who practiced a complementary therapy called kinesiology and had done wonders for a friend when her doctor had run out of answers . I had never heard of kinesiology and was sceptical to say the least about what it could do for me – a hopeless case. After thinking it over and doing some research, within a week I had made an appointment with the kinesiologist. I felt I had no where left to go so with my problem so what had I got to lose? When I rang to book my appointment I told the kinesiologist a brief version of my story over the phone and she felt that she could help me She emphasised that my recovery would take time and patience. After three years of misery just having someone listen and take my problem seriously was like a breath of fresh air.

The following week I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived for my appointment. The therapist was very welcoming and we had a thorough chat about all of my health issues before she started to work with me. She explained that kinesiology reads the body’s energy through muscle testing and finds out exactly what has caused the problem.

I lay fully clothed on a massage table except for my shoes. She did some tapping on my chest and got me to massage my upper and bottom lip. It was a bit strange I thought but I went along with the various stages in the treatment. About 10 minutes into the session I let go , relaxed and stopped trying to analyse what she was doing. There were lots of boxes of remedies and stuff that she used for the testing . At the end of the session she told me to omit certain foods from my diet but this was only part of my recovery programme. She told me I was seriously deficient in certain minerals. My digestive system was so damaged that it couldn’t absorb nutrients from my food any more. She prescribed a course of mineral supplements to start the healing process in my gut.

She did a relaxation session to release the stress associated with the shock of my father’s death and the breakdown of my marriage Kinesiology treats the body on a physical, chemical, mental and emotional level. For emotional support my kinesiologist gave me a specially blended flower formula to take during the four weeks before my next visit.

I attended kinesiology appointments for about a year. At the start my appointments were once a month for 4 months and every 6 to 8 weeks after that. I returned to full health and havn’t looked back a day since. I now have all the energy I need and am living a life I love helping other people like me to bring wellness back into their lives