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€250 Reiki  BOOKING FEE: Phone 08768065548

Give yourself a Gift that t lasts a lifetime… learn how to use Reiki and how it can help you live the life you love ❤

Using Reiki energy will help you ……

  • Have a positive focus for each day
  • Improve your energy levels
  • Relax and calm your mind during stressful situations
  • Improve your sleep
  • Boost your concentration
  • Strengthen your immune system

The more I teach Reiki the more amazed I am at how quickly students experience the benefits of using Reiki energy daily.

One student couldn’t believe how her sleep improved especially after she used Reiki on her 18 month old daughter who would wake her up every night before that.

Another student is saving a fortune on vets bills by giving Reiki to her cat and 2 dogs . Animals will present themselves to you for a Reiki treatment when they need a boost and this will prevent a more serious illness from developing.

Get yourself a set of Green Fingers by using Reiki in the garden to give any type of plant a boost. Rescue a weak plant that has seen better days by giving it regular reiki treatments and watch it thrive.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning about Reiki I am always happy to chat or respond to your text or email.

Bring wellness into your life today.
Live the life you love


— at The Dancing Soul, Athlone


‘Relax, Energise and heal with Reiki.’

The Reiki Lightworker Workshops are for anyone who wishes to experience the essence of this beautiful energy that promotes wellness of mind, body and spirit.

If you have not experienced a Reiki treatment before, why not book one with me.
This will enable you to be confident in your decision to study Reiki. Reiki is not a religion and no previous experience is needed to take this workshop.

THERAPISTS and HEALTH PROFESSIONALS learn Reiki to compliment and enhance thier work with clients.

In this Reiki Level 1 Workshop you will learn how to use Reiki energy in your own life to reduce stress, increase energy and accelerate healing.

You will receive a Reiki Level 1 Certificate and the workshop follows all guidelines set out by the Reiki Federation of Ireland

There is also ongoing support for your Reiki journey though regular Reiki Share meetings where you get to practice Reiki, share experiences and get new information.

COST: €250
€250 secures your place payable by Friday 22nd June 2018
Places are limited. Book early to avoid disappointment

€250 Reiki Level 1 BOOKING Fee  Phone 0876805548