This weekend marks the 30th Anniversary of my father’s death.
He left us unexpectedly after a massive heart attack and as a family our aching hearts set out on a journey of recovery and healing that continues to this day.

I wish I had known then what I know now about death and the soul energy that is the life force in each one of us.

I encountered many challenges in life after my father’s death – depression, loneliness, grief, low self-esteem, health issues, including allergies, recurring infections, hormonal imbalance, exhaustion.

I was living abroad, away from family and friends and felt I had no choice but to bury my grief and carry on. I was living in overwhelm without realising the toll it would take on my health further down the line.

Many years later after returning to Ireland I discovered Reiki. I was given a book about Reiki while I was recovering from surgery.

I identified so well with the author, Mari Hall, that she later became my Reiki teacher and opened a major door to healing in my life and in at a later stage the lives of my Reiki students and clients.

Reiki helped me move past the pain of grief in a gentle and soothing way. Reiki helped me to process grief in my own way and in my own time.

Grieving is never easy, and loss is something we will all experience at some stage in our lives.

Giving each other the space to grieve is very important.

It’s OK to cry. Don’t put a lid on grief. Seek help if you don’t have the support you need, through counselling or other therapies.

Reiki is the most wonderful gift you can give yourself, whether it is having a Reiki treatment or learning how to use Reiki at a workshop for self-healing.

Reiki opens new possibilities in our lives and brings deep peace and joy. It calms the storm, eases the pain, wraps us in a blanket of unconditional love.

There is hope of recovery from grief, be gentle with yourself, reach out to others who understand your grief without judgement.

My dear friend Dr Mary Helen Hensley is part of a team of writers who have recently published an amazing book ‘Bringing Death to Life’ an uplifting exploration of living, dying, the soul journey and the afterlife. It’s is No 1 on the Bestsellers list this week.

This book gives so much comforting information on the whole meaning of life and death from many different aspects. There is something in this book for everyone.

I am always happy to chat about how Reiki can help with the grieving process. Message or call me at 0876805548
Peace & Joy

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